Groundhog is a part of the rodent family and it feeds on wild grasses and other vegetation. They are usually the source of frustration for a lot of farmers when they find their garden has been destroyed by groundhogs every morning. But PG Soft™ wants to turn groundhogs into farmers' cute helpers instead!

Inspired by the real-life animal, groundhog, PG Soft™ launched a new game “Groundhog Harvest” which tells the story of 6 mutated groundhogs being helpful for farmers!

Join the game and start your own farm now! Do not chase away the groundhogs as they will actually be helping on your farm. Just wait for a few weeks, and you will see all your fruits and vegetables grow into beautiful mouth-watering colours! Meanwhile, discovering fresh fruits and vegetables underground will gain you extra free spins!

Groundhog Harvest is a 7 by 7 symbols combination video slot featuring increasing multiplier and travelling Wild symbol. Featuring increasing multipliers that will increase your win multiplier by 1 with each win! When 3 or more Wild symbols are collected, it will trigger the Free Spins Feature, with the same win multiplier from the end of the main game spin!

This game platform supports iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Web HTML5.