‘Hood vs Wolf’ is PG SOFT™’s first newly launched Japanese anime styled game. In this game, the cunning grey fox lurks in the woods, getting ready to devour Red Riding Hood. Who is the more skillful one in this 2D world, the brave Red Riding Hood or the cunning Big Bad Wolf?

Inspired by the world phenomenon of Japanese anime and manga culture, ‘Hood vs Wolf’ is a Japanese anime styled game developed by the elite team of PG SOFT™. The team travelled to Japan for the sole purpose of doing research to ensure the accuracy of style is maintained. PG SOFT™ also personally handled the game’s story selection, animation effects, and even selection of the Japanese voice actors and the production of the game’s soundtrack. With gorgeous visuals and thrilling storylines, paired together with motivating original music, will guarantee to bring you tons of fun!

Hood vs Wolf is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring Battle Feature, Mini Janken Feature and 2 different types of bonus features (Wolf Feature and Hood Feature). The game will start in battle mode, the screen will be split in two, with Red Riding Hood and Big Grey Wolf each taking one side. The player will have to collect either Red Riding Hood or Big Grey Wolf symbols, the character with the most symbols collected will occupy the whole screen and win the battle! Only winning players will be able to enter the bonus game mode that contains wonderful surprises.

Rock paper scissors, 3 rounds to win the game! The bonus game mode features 3 rounds of rock paper scissors, the winner of the game will stand a chance to receive free spins or wild symbols as rewards, as well as an increase of the player’s odds of winning the bet. Players will also be rewarded with a prize when a winning symbol appears on the 2nd and 4th reels in the Mini Janken Feature!

Do you want to be the brave Red Riding Hood and battle with the Big Grey Wolf, or would you prefer to be the Big Grey Wolf that devours Red Riding Hood? Red Riding Hood’s fate lies in your hands!